Digital addresses, making any physical address reachable

DLS Kenya today unveiled a new way to trace any physical address in Kenya. This new innovation relies on satellite maps to help people place a marker on their homes which then enables their residence to be reachable and traceable via GPS.
Once your physical address is marked it is given a unique numerical address which when entered on the DLS website, shows your exact location to the person you have shared your address with. The digital address is targeted at people who enjoy the convenience of home deliveries. However, the digital
address’ utility is not limited to online shopping, it makes your residence visible when it truly matters, such as during a fire or when in need of an ambulance.

For privacy purposes, your digital address will be known only to you and those you share it with. The goal of DLS Kenya’s digital addresses is to provide an efficient way for couriers and other essential services to reach the customer.  DLS Kenya aims at keeping the addresses affordable so that those who couldn’t previously afford postal boxes also have access.

Availability, and Future Plans

Through the website found at, consumers can register for a digital address and have their addresses ready within 48 hours , or for bulk buying of addresses get in touch with  and the rest will be done for you.

In the coming months DLS plans on partnering with various operators, offering subscribers of the digital address access to a broad set of service providers and merchants that pledge to deliver services and goods right to their doorsteps.

In the future, DLS expects to launch digital addresses to more countries unreliable physical addresses.

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